Living in Worcester: Shopping Malls


  1. Wrentham village premium outlet

It is one of the biggest outlets, the only one in the new England. It’s worth going and shopping. One could find almost any brands he wants, banana public, 5th street, Gucci, Timberland, gap, etc. They sell clothing the most, and then clocks, jewelries, gifts. There are also kitchen ware store and chocolate stores. Prices there are much lower than the specialty shops. They always have discounts. The biggest discount season is from Thanksgiving to the end of the next Jan. If you plan to do shopping on Thanksgiving, you’d better go earlier, otherwise a traffic jam on the highway might last over 2 hours, as many people from different places go there too. If you look for a lower price, usually you would find the cheaper products after Christmas. Although they are left after the previous round of selection in the Holiday season, most of them are still of good quality.



P.S. There is a food count at the one side of the outlet. You could have a rest and grab a food if you are tired of shopping.

  1. Natick Mall.

It should be the biggest mall near Worcester. It’s a new store, having many brands and types of goods. The differences from the Wrentham outlet is there are additional stores, such as Apple, GameStop… And, there are few stores in the outlet selling makeups. Even in the stores of the same bland in the mall and the outlet, the types of products are different.


  1. Solomen Pond Mall.

It is smaller and older than Natick, but still there are many stores in it. The pro is that it only costs 20min on the 290 to get there.

  1. Greendale Mall.

It’s the closest mall to WPI. Most people may have known it well.


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