WPI CS graduate ping-pong tournament

The CS graduate council has organised a ping-pong competition among CS graduate students, staff, and faculty starting in the middle of February 2010.

There are a total of 19 enthusiastic players. Based on the skill levels of participants, people are grouped into two categories: beginners and non-beginners. The players have already complete 3 weeks of practice sessions and are  in the last practice round. There will be a final tournament in the end of March 2010.

List of players:

Beginners Non Beginners

Ryan Baker

Matt Bachmann

Carolina Ruiz
Theo Giannakopoulos
Rabin Karki
Hao Loi
Dovan Rai
Gong, Yue

Mike Sao Pedro

Robert W. Lindeman

Emmanuel Agu

Mattew Ward
Ken Breeman
Zhenyu Guo
Paulo Gonçalves de Barros
Abhishek Mukherji
Mingrui Wei
John Leveillee
Jia Wang

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