Living in Worcester: shopping for food

Even in Worcester, you have to eat , you have to cook and you have to shop for food. We have compiled a list of grocery stores.

Grocery Stores

  1. Price rite: cheap fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk.
  2. Price chopper: with price chopper membership card, every 50 dollars in price chopper, you could save 10 cents in Sunoco
  3. Trader Joes: is a quite good and distinctive grocery and snack pastry store. The prices there are a little expensive. Trader Joes is known as a variety of snacks with unique and different tastes are gathered from around the world. They have nuts, cakes, Cheese cakes, tiramisu, chocolates, water chestnut cakes, and pea crisps, raisins, spicy mango, as well as bacon, BBQ, marinated beef, vegetables pies (they are able to serve in 5 mins in microwave), sushi and so on. Most of them have different tastes from the ones you could get from the general grocery stores. It is a good place to experience “exotic snacks” and expand the daily diet.
  4. Stop & Shop
  5. Shaws
  6. Sam’s club: have to shop with their membership card. The card charges $40 a year and could be used by two persons. Usually when applying the membership, you will get $15 cash back. There are fresh fruits. Most of the goods are in the family size. They sell live lobsters.

Seafood stores

  1. Lobsters, crabs and some fish are fresh and in good price. There is a fruit store next to it. Seasonal fruits there are much cheaper than the supermarkets

Address: 1059 Grafton St, Worcester, MA

There is a fish market in Westborough. It is said to be very good. But we don’t know the address yet.


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